What Are Video Elements

Logo Reveals
(sometimes known as ‘intro’s’)


Example Below

A Logo Reveal is how you can brand your video with either a Logo, Text or Logo and Text which is revealed after a short animation. These are usually 5 to 10 seconds long.

(the start of the video)


Example Below

A Video Intro, if you don’t want to use a Logo Reveal, you may want to have a 5 to 10 second short video, at the beginning of your main video, detailing your company or what the body of the video is going to be about.

(the end of the video)


Example Below

A Video Outro is usually placed at the end of your video. Here you can use the same Logo Reveal (intro) for your video ending, this will keep your branding clear around your main video.

You may also want a ‘Call To Action’, sometimes known as a CTA, at the end of your video if you want the viewer to do something. That could be to give you a call, click on a link, watch another video etc.

(Blackboard / Greenboard)


Example Below

Whiteboard videos typically have a ‘white’ background that is drawn on. It is a form of animation that can involve a hand drawing text and images and telling a story.

The Whiteboard can be substituted with either a Blackboard or Greenboard background effect.

Animated vs Motion


Example Below

Animated video’s are almost Cartoon like usually, but not limited to, being on a ‘whiteboard’ like background. 

Motion videos are usually footage that you either own and have recorded with a Video Camera or Video function on a Mobile Phone and want to include or can use small clips of copyright free footage to enhance your video.

Kinetic Type


Example Below

Kinetic Videos are a type of video made up of letters and words.

These letters and words move into view on the screen and, staying on the screen, move out of the way for new words to take centre stage on the screen. 

These can be on differing backgrounds (static or motion) and tell a story on their own.

Social Media
(Logo Animations)


Example Below

Social Media Logo Animations are simple clips that can be added at any point to your main video to state your links to Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and many others.



Example Below

Overlays are animated boxes and text that can be added at any point to your main video.

These can be to highlight specific points through out the video or used as Call To Action at the end.

These can be customised in style, colour and font.

Here are just a few examples of how Overlay’s appear on your video.

  • There are many different styles.
  • They can be added at any point in the video.
  • They can last as long as is required.
  • The Colour’s / Fonts / Size of the Text and Colour and Size of the Overlay animation can be selected.
  • Only the style of animation is fixed.

Video Size


Example Below

It’s important to determine how you want to use your video.
Do you require 16:9 or Square?
Do you want to use it for Social Media as these all have different sizes?
Do you have another use in mind?

Music / Voice Over / Silence


Example Below

Do you want to talk over the video, detailing your message with the video for illustration?

Do you want music?
There are lots of free music tracks that can be used.
Copyrighted music is not permissible unless permission is given.

Do you want a ‘Silent’ movie letting the video do the ‘talking’ for you?

Here is an example video to illustrate various voices: Male / Female / Accents / Different Language