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Prices start as low as $7 for an Intro / Outro / Social Media short video.

Each project is different, so pricing may vary.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements,
which will allow us to provide a more accurate quote for you. 

Take a look below for some of the details you may want to include.

To make it easier, there are many examples provided to help you with your ideas.

Do you require:

An Intro

An Outro

A Call To Action

Short Animation

Product Promotion

Business / Service Promotion

Whiteboard Video

3D Character Animation

3D Avatar

Do you have or want to include the following:

Business Branding



Short Video To Include Within The Main Video

A Script

A Voiceover

A Color Scheme (HTML Colors)

Do you want to use one of our Example Videos modified with your Branding?

Prices start as low as $20 for Video Template with Branding modifications.
Prices vary depending on Niche Template chosen.